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Costume Jewelry Repair Service

We specialize in repairing and restoring costume jewelry and accessories.

Costume jewelry is often made of non-precious materials like, glass, plastic, or base metals. Costume jewelry repair involves fixing, cleaning, and restoring non-precious jewelry items, such as necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and brooches.  This service is especially relevant for vintage or sentimental pieces that hold emotional significance or unique aesthetic appeal.

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Services Offered

Clasp Replacement: Replacing broken or worn-out clasps to ensure the jewelry remains wearable.

Stone Replacement: Replacing missing or damaged stones with matching or similar ones to maintain the piece's original design.


Cleaning and Polishing:  Removing tarnish, dirt, or discoloration to restore the jewelry's shine.

Reattachment:  Repairing or reattaching pendants, charms, or decorative elements that have come loose.

Resizing: Adjusting the length of necklaces or bracelets to fit the wearer comfortably.

Repainting:  Touching up enamel or paint on jewelry pieces that have chipped or faded.

Replating: Re-coat with finishes to restore its luster.

Complete Restoration

Design Service

Welding and Soldering

Re-stringing, including knotting & pearls

General Policies

We take before and after photos of every piece.


If we have not received full payment for repaired pieces within 30 days, the piece will become property of Look Filthy Rich and all right of possession is forfeited.


You must notify us within 5 days of any probles with your repaired item.


We are not responsible for repair packages in transit (any claim must be done through delivery service). 

Fee Structure

We charge $7.00 per piece to assess the item, determine the repairs needed, and communicate our recommendation to you.


If you decide NOT to proceed with repairs, you will be assessed the $7.00 per piece fee


If you proceed with repair the $7.00 fee will be applied to the repair cost of item.


We cannot provide an estimate without evaluating the piece.


This Preservation of Sentimental Value:  Costume jewelry carries sentimental value, making repair services a way to preserve family heirlooms or gifts from loved ones.

Cost Effective:  Repairing costume jewelry is often more affordable than purchasing new pieces.

Eco-Friendly:  Restoring existing jewelry items reduces the demand for new materials and promotes sustainability.

Repair Policy

If we receive a piece in which we feel repairing will cause more damage, we reserve the right to not repair the piece and return the piece to you.


The pieces we are repairing are old and though we take care in handling each piece carefully, accidents do happen.  We will not be liable for such damage.


We contact you to discuss any issues we might have repairing before we proceed.

Contact Us

Don't hesitate to reach out to us with any questions or if you are unsure if your piece can be repaired. We look forward to helping you bring new life to your jewelry.   We are just a click away!  Use link below:


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