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Look Filthy Rich! Be a Rock Star, wear our stones!

Updated: Feb 7, 2018

Who is The Lady Jeweler? The history of this innovative redhead is simple. It is the American Dream at work. It is not the result of inherited wealth or huge corporate support. Edna is an individual who was a high school drop out, born in the deep south in poverty. Her dream is simple. To be her own boss. Her success is in part due to the wonderful people who have helped her along the way!

The Lady Jeweler has been in business for 28 years, and is a GIA Certified Diamond Appraiser, who has established the reputation of stocking the finest collection of designer jewelry. She specializes in bringing you the best wearable art designs.

Do you have a special piece that you have been dreaming about? The Lady Jeweler can turn it into a reality for you. She has knowledge not only of diamonds, but all periods of antique jewelry. Her 40 year collection of gorgeous vintage jewelry and accessories is sure to impress! Step inside our shop, and envision how our stones will make you feel and Look Filthy Rich!

"Every now & then...a spirit speaks to the primitive and creative energy inside of me. Whether dressed in business attire or blue jeans, I may move to the rhythms of society or not, but this energy dances with the fire of my soul. This nurtures my spirit and manifests my world".


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